MLP: The Yankees get Anthony Rizzo from the Cubs

MLP: The Yankees get Anthony Rizzo from the Cubs

After the acquisition of Joey Gallo on Wednesday, the New York Yankees added another strong left-handed striker with their hands on Anthony Risso, the first captain of the Chicago Cups.

In response, the Yankees gave up two hopes: outfielder Kevin Alcondara and right-handed pitcher Alexander Wiscino. The Cubs agreed to pay Risso’s full salary.

With Galo and Risso, the Yankees can diversify their attacking character, which is especially well-suited for right-handed strikers. The gap to be filled is very important considering the close fence on the right side at Yankee Stadium.

Rizo, annoyed by a back injury at the start of this season, hit 248 in 2021 with 14 homers and 40 RBIs. He has a good goal attendance rate.346.

The 31-year-old has been shining with cubs since 2012. He helped the club win the World Series in 2016.

A star player from 2014 to 2016, Risso did not play against the Reds on Thursday.

He pockets $ 16.5 million this year and could become a free agent after the season.

Their Boston rivals are also improving

For their part, the Boston Red Sox added a power hitter by adding Washington Nationals outfielder Kyle Schwartz to their list.

Swarovski was the third-biggest player to be traded by Nats on Thursday, after cheese pitcher Max Scherzer and star shortstop Treya Turner.

Schwartz, who was selected to the All-Star Games this season, has 25 home runs and 53 Reserve Banks on his record, with a batting average of .233.

Diego Castillo flies to Seattle

According to Jeff Basson, Seattle Marines have purchased Diego Castillo as a relief from the rays of Tampa Bay.ESPN.

Castillo could turn Gestal Graveman into the Mariners’ number one reliever following the recent trade that sent the Grovement to the Houston Astros.

Castillo 2-4 and averaged 2.72 this season with 36 saves and 49 strikeouts in 36 thirds of an innings.

Danny Duffy with the Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers Kansas City Royals left hand holder Danny Duffy.

Duffys hired Dodgers outfielder DJ Peters to accommodate their 40-man lineup.

The 32-year-old has been wearing the Royals’ colors since his MLP debut in 2011 and has had a respectable season with the Royals. He is 4-3 with a healthy 2.51 earned run average in 12 starts.

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