Hotels in Paris: Trendy hotels in the capital where you have to put those suitcases for the weekend here

Hotels in Paris: Trendy hotels in the capital where you have to put those suitcases for the weekend here

Want to relax in the most beautiful city in the world? Trendy hotels in Paris are here.

Summer is going well and there is nothing better than taking a moment break in an exceptional place. Alone, with your other half, or with friends, record a book Accommodation room Weekend time is needed to recharge your batteries. After a day of shopping in the capital, or even visiting the must-see monuments of Paris, all we want is to relax and enjoy a sophisticated trendy setting. For that, here is ours Choice of Parisian hotels Who will provide for you Landscape change, A unique weekend getaway and incredible view.

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Cafe Laparos Paris

Hotel Paris: Stay away from the capital

In the middle of summer, we dream of leaving. Take the direction of the sun and place it in the fine sand. If we push back our desire to travel with a health crisis, Outside the question of setting aside small escapes. Whether we are where we want to be Find the capital, The luxury of staying in the most trendy hotels is ours to buy. Go to Latin America with your Plus 1 for a weekend 1K Paris Hotel. With its royal blue color, you will circle between the Guilding and Inca patterns without leaving the Marais district. Immerse yourself in the heart of an American movie set from the 50s. Become a hero on your weekend and enjoy a round bed to warm the atmosphere with your other half. Circuit board hotel. Our favorite: In the 8th arrondissement, do not miss Elicia Hotel. This is a 5 star location Mixes luxury, culture and passion, Guarantees you a unique and refreshing accommodation. Room with modern and elegant decor, XXL bathtub to enjoy a bubble bath, dinner at Bioterre restaurant with refined dishes … this address is for you Enchanted seal This will put balm in your heart.


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