Borita: “The opening of African consulates in the Sahara is the fruit of the king’s enlightened vision.”

Bourita : "L'inauguration de consulats de pays africains au Sahara est le fruit de la vision éclairée du Roi"

Nasser Borita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Expatriate Moroccans, said that the opening of diplomatic representations of several African countries in the southern provinces was the result of King Mohammed VI’s enlightened vision.

Speaking, Nasser Borita said that this “well-educated” African strategy was based on the desire to open the kingdom to all parts of the continent and to transform the southern provinces into a link between Morocco and its African depths. At the end of the inauguration ceremony of the consulate of this country in Lao, a press conference with his representative from Malawi Eisenhower Endova McCaw.

He added that this new African policy of the Kingdom, the foundations laid by the Sovereign, had had a “very positive” impact on the development of the document of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity.

The Minister noted that 1/3 of the embassies opened so far in Lazion and Taqla belong to African countries representing all parts of the continent: West Africa, East Africa and South Africa, many countries of the continent have expressed their desire to soon begin representations in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

In this context the five countries of the South African Development Society (SADC) now have diplomatic branches in the Moroccan Sahara: DRC, Zambia, Eswatini, the Comoros Islands, in addition to Malawi.

Nasser Borita noted that the opening of a Malawian embassy in Lazion is part of the new energy of bilateral relations, after the country decided to withdraw in 2017, the fake recognition of “SADR” and the desire of both states to develop their cooperation.

Since that day, relations between the two countries have experienced continuous growth in all spheres of political, economic and experience sharing, recalling the decision taken by Morocco and Malawi to soon merge the bilateral Joint Commission and open representations. Rabat and Lilongwe.

The Minister hoped that the opening of the Malawian Consulate General in Lao would be a tool for coordinating economic relations and human exchanges between the two countries.

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