Australia: After Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide was limited

Australia: After Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide was limited

Then Sydney and Melbourne, Will be limited to the southern city of Adelaide. The state capital of South Australia will be the third largest Australian metropolitan area since Tuesday evening, subject to a restraining order after five cases of Covid 19 were detected in the state.

“From 6:00 pm today, South Australia is entering control,” said Steven Marshall, the state’s prime minister. He notes that the measure will be in effect for an initial period of seven days. “We didn’t do it from the heart, but we think we have only one chance to solve this,” he said.

Of the 25, 14 million Australians will be deported as of Tuesday

Australian authorities already held a large area around Sydney and the state of Victoria, including the capital Melbourne. As of Tuesday, 14 out of 25 million Australians are now being held captive to prevent the virus from spreading.

Video. Delta Variation: Restructured, Sydney will become a ghost town

The most important current epidemic focus is on Sydney, More than 150 people have been affected since a driver tested positive for a flight attendant in mid-June. Faced with a resurgence of the epidemic, non-essential businesses in Sydney should be closed and residents in some neighborhoods banned from leaving. The largest city in the country is June 26, and Melbourne is July 16.

Rising cases in the country

Australia has long been praised for its good results in managing the epidemic To close the boundaries too tightly. Since the outbreak, more than 31,800 cases have been reported in Australia, including 914 deaths.

Today, the number of Covit-19 pollutants is now 113 cases per day on the island-continent. This number is still low compared to other countries in the world, but it remains a challenge for Australia, which has opted for a “zero cases” strategy with pollution tracking measures since the onset of the epidemic crisis. The vaccination campaign is small, with 11% of the country’s total population being vaccinated.

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