Anti-abortion film “Unplanned” airs on C8: Channel’s voiceovers cut themselves off

Anti-abortion film "Unplanned" airs on C8: Channel's voiceovers cut themselves off

On the evening of August 16 the first part of the “unplanned” programming was in the C8 challenges locally. Because this American film has a very strong message, it is taken from a true story: of a family planning director who became an anti-abortion activist. This is what two actors Chloe Sidbon and Guilloma Orchard, who are officially providing the voice overs for the eight trailers, found out to promote their upcoming projects.

Chloe Sidpan, who was questioned on Twitter, publicly exposed her position in an unprecedented way. “We, Guilloom and I, made the request to our employers (Editor’s note: C8) Don’t use our voices, we can find another solution for this trailer, ”writes the multi-card artist. According to our reports, Guillaume Orchard has already heard his voice declare it “unplanned”, but without prior warning about the title or the summary of this definitive film.

Sensible meaning “

According to them, the refusal to participate in the ad was not an endorsement of the message brought to the screen, which saw a wide echo of Donald Trump in the United States. In the United States, only the Conservative Fox News Channel agreed to air a trailer for the film, Telarama pointed out when it released “Unplanned” in April 2019. Other channels have been downgraded due to “the main nature of the matter”. When contacted, C8 did not respond to our requests.

In October 2018, already on the eighth day, Cyril Hannah moderated the debate by “balancing your post” by asking the question: “For or against the right to abortion in France? “Marilyn Schiappe, who saw the land of an anti-choice activist in the settlement, later sent an SMS to the host. That evening, the Secretary of State for Equality between Women and Men reminded me that” preventing voluntary termination of pregnancy is a crime, “he said 20 minutes later.

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