காமில் கோட்டின் | Responding to Matt Damon in Marseille

காமில் கோட்டின் |  Responding to Matt Damon in Marseille

Camille Cotein plays the mighty in Andrea Call my agent. In English, especially in the series, something more and more repetitive Killing Eve And Ridley Scott in the next film, Gucci house, Star of Stillwater With Matt Damon. The film, directed by Tom McCarthy, picks up the poster after it was presented in Cannes this Friday. Interview with a woman who covers the role of Virginia.

Emily Cotta

Emily Cotta

Weeks go by, not the same for Camille Cotin. Three weeks ago, he walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival twice rather than once for films Stillwater And My regiment. When we contacted her on the phone last week, she was in the UK. “I’m in isolation, so suddenly the difference is huge,” he says.

What a paradox! The day Camille Cotein said that we should isolate ourselves for the filming of the fourth season of the series Killing Eve, Which removed many health restrictions in the UK.

Going to Cannes for the famous actress for the role of Andrea in the hit series is not without consequences Call my agent. In October 2020, he caught COVID-19 during the Canceries Festival, which was dedicated to TV series from around the world.

Photo by Valerie Hatch, France-Press Agency

Matt Damon and Camille Coatin on the red carpet before the film’s presentation Stillwater At the Cannes Film Festival on July 8

“Plus, in all the interviews I said, we can live despite the virus, and three days later, I was in bed! », Says Camille Cotein with openly sympathetic self-mockery.

This time, it’s free of any viruses, but with great emotion Camille Cotein left Cannes. Picture Stillwater, He co-starred with Matt Damon and Tom McCarthy (Spotlight) Signifies realization, which was finally able to be seen by the audience in a theater. On the Crochet, in this case, Grand Dietre Lumiere. The film is out of competition, but following the official screening we saw scenes where Matt Damon struggled to hold back tears while speaking at length.

The film has been postponed for a year. It moved with the team to find the picture. At some point, we don’t even know if the film will be released in theaters.

Kamil Cottin, actress

Stillwater Screened across North America on July 30th. “It simply came to our notice then. It would have broken my heart if it had only come out on one stage. ”

Cultural shock

According to the American members of the film crew, it was a return to the south of France. Stillwater Most of the film was shot in the city where it takes place, Marseille. “It was an hour from Cannes and we went there to present the film with the whole team,” says Camille Cotin. For all these reasons, it moves. ”

Especially the first Stillwater Coming to Marseille exposes the cultural shock experienced by an American from Oklahoma. The man with the few words, some will call redneck, Wants to meet his daughter, who has been jailed for five years for killing his girlfriend. Bill Baker (Matt Damon) will eventually try to get her out of jail. This is also the case with actress Abigail Breslin (LA) Little Miss Sunshine) Includes his daughter.

According to Virginia, the character of Kamil Cottin, he will help Bill settle his inquiries and scores.

Tom McCarthy loved the screenplay – inspired by the experiences of American Amanda Knox in Italy – not to be French or American. For authenticity, he invited two French screenwriters (Thomas Bitcoin and No Debray).

Photo provided by Jessica Ford, Focus Features

Matt Damon and Camille Cotein during filming Stillwater

I read the script at once. It was a thriller in the face, and the film took a completely different direction, becoming a much closer drama and character film that I really liked.

Kamil Cottin, actress

“Mine is a voice of confidence, tolerance and openness,” he adds. She is full, honest. Strong, but very delicate. ”

Virginie guides Bill and takes care of him. Bill is paired with Maya, Virginia’s daughter.

Through this impossible encounter, the film invites us to understand people through their past and to dispel our prejudices. Friends of Virginia can’t help but vote for Trump and see if he has guns. For his part, Bill, with a big heart, tries to learn French. He has never seen a play in his life, but he is interested in Virginia’s acting career.

Characters full of contradictions

In the game, according to their character, Matt Damon plays calmly, playing a woman with the solar personality of Camille Coat. The challenge?

“Tom wanted us to study for the first week with all the cast, and it was so awesome,” says Camille Cotein. It is rare for us to take this time. Then we shot chronologically and I really liked this job. ”

Photo by Johanna Geron, REUTERS

Camille Cotin and Matt Damon at the Cannes Film Festival

The actors softened as much as their characters. “I admired Matt, his energy … For me, he completely disappeared behind Bill Baker.”

For Quebec film enthusiasts, it is interesting to see a film that combines American and French cultures. In life, as in cinema, it is rare for Bill Baker to speak to young French people of Arab descent or to attend an OM football match at Velotrom.

“The film never judges its characters,” says Kamil Cotein correctly.

Best Characters in English

Thanks to Camille Cotein Call my agent. In France and abroad, because the series was bought by Netflix. The actress speaks English fluently as she spent part of her teenage years in London. In 2016 he got a role in the film Alliance, Directed by Robert Gemekis, starring Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt.

His life abroad is increasing. He will come from the movie Gucci house, Ridley Scott (with Adam Driver and Lady Gaga), and he starred in the BBC series To kill Eve, Created by Phoebe Waller Bridge.

A sign that reality transcends fiction, Camille Cotin had the same American agent as Sigorny Weaver (Billy Lazarus), since the latter starred in one episodeCall my agent.

The future? “It’s unknown, we’ll see,” said Camille Cotein.

The only thing she can control is the quality and interest of her work, she tells us.

“I come from the theater and make films late. I have always approached my work in a traditional way and I have the idea of ​​being an artisan for what is happening to me. […] Work is our only definite value. At work, an energy will always return to us. ”

It is definitely inside Stillwater, Will take up the poster this Friday.

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