You are downloading a new gadget: Make sure you do not endanger yourself?

You are downloading a new gadget: Make sure you do not endanger yourself?

The number of malicious gadgets during infections grew: Google removed nearly a million from its gadget store last year – up to 962,000. Products. This is 20 percent. More than last year, according to Google data. Malicious apps can slow down your phone, drain the battery quickly, or completely damage your smart device. Bitė Profai advises the media on how to protect themselves.

“Malicious apps can also threaten the security of your data: bank cards and personal data, photos being leaked and secretly sending SMS messages to premium rate numbers. It is necessary to do homework, ”says Martinez Vrupliaskas of Pide Profos.

1. Check the gadget address

The first warning that an application may be unreliable is a strange download address.

“The direct link to malware is links placed on suspicious web pages, emails or SMS messages from unknown senders. If you see the gadget you want, it may seem safe at first glance, but it’s not in the official stores – Google Play or the App Store – do not download it,” said Bide’s Smart Device Expert. Advises.

2. Read reviews

The second step is to evaluate user feedback before downloading the new gadget.

“User feedback is one of the most important indicators that a gadget may be harmful. If a lot of people complain about annoying ads constantly or a product hangs, it’s a good idea to look for another. When there are some or irregular comments under the gadget, search for information on Google. Of course you have to find the answer there, “he said. Vrupliaskas promises.

3. Evaluate the reliability of developers

Expert says that the reliability of gadget developers allows phones to be evaluated. Google Play Protection Tool on Android phones scans applications once installed. If it detects threats, it sends a message or automatically removes the app. In this case, you will get the message that the program has been removed.

On Samsung phones, factory-installed security can do this, which you can do by opening the settings and clicking on “Accumulator”. And Device Maintenance ”and“ Device Security ”. On Xiaomi devices, applications are automatically tested after each new installation, thus protecting your device from threats.

4. Do not grant unattended permissions

It also helps to avoid important assessment difficulties as to whether its permissions for the installed application are necessary for its smooth operation.

“When you open a new app, you will be asked for permission to use the information on your phone. This step is necessary to perform its direct functionality. , The use of the internet banking Sweetbank, ”assures Pite Probos.

Expert says you will never accept a sudden pop-up permission message on the phone screen when the application is not running. This is a signal that you have encountered applications that can corrupt or erase data on your phone – Trojan horse.

5. Alarm – Weak functions

According to Vrupliaskas, even if you follow these tips, you will still download the malware. You will understand this from a malfunctioning phone.

“Once the malware is installed, your phone should start running slower than usual. Also, doing Trojan horse tasks will quickly drain the battery and disrupt the manufacturer’s gadgets. Therefore, if you notice any of these or other abrupt changes, remove suspicious applications immediately,” warns Pitte Probas.

Vrubliaskas points out that in the list of affected news can be found today supplemental news, Fast Magic SMS, free gamescanner, travel wallpapers and strongly recommend not to download them.

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