The future of small businesses for distributions

The future of small businesses for distributions

EAV, which identifies itself as a “technology company for transportation solutions”, has introduced its latest small business delivery vehicle.

Oxford-based EAV has unveiled a more aggressive urban delivery solution. Links (Lightweight Inner-City Solution) looks very strange in appearance, but it works perfectly and its design “completes” the problem of space use. In fact, the Lynx is flat like a skateboard, with two electric motors in the center and a removable, interchangeable lithium ion battery offering a range of up to 160 km in the city. The EAV has matching boxes on the back and allocates space for transportable items. Being on stage, EAV says it could develop into a simple truck with closed loading space or a mini bus to take people to cities.

In addition, LINCS is similar to its name, thanks to the ability to connect multiple LINCS one after the other in order to create a “train” for delivering goods or passengers. The EAV claims that the whole body is made of recyclable synthetics, while it is interesting to note that the driver’s cart will be located on either side depending on which country is to be used. The company was founded in 2018 by a team of former F1 and aerospace engineers with the aim of designing and manufacturing light transport vehicles and personal transport vehicles with zero emissions. “The next phase of our project is Links, based on which old transport can be completely replaced with new ones with zero emissions and completely eco-friendly, safe but highly efficient solutions for cargo and passengers,” says Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Managing Director, EAV.

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