Joey Gallo will bring a lot to the Yankees

Joey Gallo will bring a lot to the Yankees

We have been waiting since last night and the transaction of sending Joey Gallo to the Franks was finally formalized this morning. Some would say that this is not what the New York Yankees want, but the opposite.

First, Texas Rangers pays the bulk of the salary, which leads Brian Cashman to continue shopping. Also, Gallo is not a rental player because at the end of the 2022 season he will only be free to air if the Yankees do not sign him within a year and a half.

But what contribution has he made in this field?

It’s no secret that the Yankees ’left-handed hitters needed production from the left side of the plate in 2021, as evidenced by their 22 long balls. Gallo only recorded 25. The left field does not diminish this contribution.

As incomparable for power on the left (no left-handed hitter has had more home runs in the last five seasons), Gallo knows how to get on the trail. In addition, he misses the double game more often than his turn, which is an obvious shortcoming on the part of the Yankees.

Defensively, Galo could have developed outside on the corners of the infield, which is not a small data for Aaron Boone, who wanted to give his stars a day off and had to negotiate regular injuries with the New Yorkers.

All this to say that Cashman has met a need in a good way. He did not finish the job.

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