‘I pro-choice’: NFL star Cole Beasley defends vaccine stance as debate over ‘compulsory’ jabs erupts

'I pro-choice': NFL star Cole Beasley defends vaccine stance as debate over 'compulsory' jabs erupts

Last week, the NFL announced a series of drastic plans designed to mitigate the impact of the Covid 19 eruptions in the coming season, requiring ‘Level One’ staff, including coaches and other staff of this type, to get a vaccine against the virus The movement has already left at least two coaches within the league .

However, such requirements do not apply to players, but league bosses have come up with a plan that appears to be a strong incentive to get the vaccine – which requires players who have not received the Covid 19. Fifteen days for vaccinated athletes each day, compared to each other.

In addition, if an unannounced player is responsible for the explosion of the Covit-19 within a team that could lead to the cancellation of a game, that team will be forced to lose the match – the players of the TWO teams were stopped with this week’s game payout.

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Many NFL players have expressed their support for the vaccine. Cleveland Browns star defensive end Miles Garrett was one of them on Wednesday, telling the media about the impact a Covid-19 diagnosis had on him last season and that his decision to get the shot was easy – but despite his quarterback saying he was not campaigning for his teammates, Baker Mayfield called him , Said if the players get a shot they will have a “competitive advantage”.

“I did not saySaid Garrett. ” Health is not good. I don’t want to get sick again. So this was very clear to me. »

However, Beasley, who had a star-studded season for bills last year, in which he recorded a career-high 967 receiving yards, is not so sure. The 32-year-old took to social media about what he questioned about the vaccine, and met with the media on Wednesday and adopted a slightly different tone than Carrett.

« I am not anti or pro-Vox, I choose pro“Beasley read the prepared report. ” That being said, the problem that arises is that information is hidden from players so a player will be redirected in a direction they are not comfortable with.

« When it comes to a player’s health and safety, there should be full transparency about important information in the decision-making process. Without all the right information, a player can feel misguided and uncertain about the most personal choice. This gives a player the impression of being insecure and raises concerns about future health issues and the ability to make informed decisions.. »

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Beasley continued to repeat a mantra that had prevailed in certain sections of society throughout the epidemic that if you stopped experimenting the result would be a decrease in cases.

« If a Waxset or non-Waxset player is tested less frequently, it makes good sense that the chances of Covid being taken out by a player are dramatically reduced., ” he said. ” With regard to player safety, I will end by saying that we all want to be safe.

« For many players around the NFL, security does not mean avoiding the govt virus. Our health is the current and beyond years, which is the most successful time of the 2020 NFL season as we try to protect with our personal will when we do everything we can with our protocol.«

Pills general manager Brandon Bean said more than 80% of his teammates have taken action to get vaccinated and have been tapped into his sports book.Focused on success Because of his stance on Gov. Jab, Beasley continues to draw heat from all quarters – including supporters of his own team.

Ron Rivera, the head coach of the Washington football team who was treated for skin cancer last year, has given up the immune deficiency and took a tough stance when he spoke to the media this week. ” Beyond frustration From members of his team who opt out of the vaccine.

« We are not where we want to be“, He said after revealing that he had won only 50% of his list.

« With the new variant, who knows? Rivera said about the infectious delta variant. ” When I am in a group, when the group is not vaccinated or when there is a combination, I wear the mask and do this for health reasons because no one really knows. I have to do it. I wish, I hope our comrades can find this out.

« Let’s see how all of this works and, to some extent, it tells us a little more about ourselves., “He added.

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