Hawaii director of self-driving cars fired after saying “Tesla is killing people”

Hawaii director of self-driving cars fired after saying "Tesla is killing people"

At the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in China in the first half of July, Xu Jing spoke about Tesla having the highest crash rate, and Tesla’s automotive pilot also mentioned the incidents involved in the crashes. A senior Hawaiian official believes that Tesla’s cars “kill” people and that this is a direct result of the machine that enters human society.

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According to Electrek, there are no data or statistics to prove that Tesla vehicles are actually involved in more accidents than any other company’s models.

It is true that there have been unfortunate accidents involving the Tesla auto pilot, but the manufacturer has provided clear instructions for using the self-driving function, which means that the driver must always be ready to take control and the driver must always take responsibility.

However, Hawaii recently announced that Su Jing has been fired as director. However, the former head of the self-driving process said his comments were often seen as a warning because more and more cars with automated pilots are being sold.

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