Google Map shows low emission zones in many European cities

Google Map shows low emission zones in many European cities

If you travel by car in the French capital, you now know the so-called “low-emission movement” zones and can modify your route accordingly, or choose another mode of transport. To receive these alerts, go ahead Google Map. The American company has introduced this new feature in Paris and other major European cities.

Motorists are aware that many cities are implementing measures to reduce pollution and improve air quality in urban areas. For example, from June 1, 2021, unclassified vehicles (Crit’Air 5 and Crit’Air 4) will be banned from driving across Paris on certain days and times.

To facilitate the driver’s experience and encourage them to use other modes of transport, Google Map Launches the “Regulated Zones Alert” function. “Drivers can find out if their vehicle is authorized in a particular zone and, if necessary, they can return to another mode of transportation or a different route,” the U.S. company explains.

Low emission zones in 250 cities around the world

Paris is not the only city where users can test this new functionality: these alerts are also used in Berlin, Barcelona, ​​London and Amsterdam. For good reason: According to an Adeem report released in September 2020, nearly 250 cities in Europe and others around the world have established low emission zones. Everyone has the same goal: to limit access to the most polluting vehicles in urban areas.

These new alerts are part of a series of new features announced a few months ago Google, Are provided as tools to help follow an environmentally responsible lifestyle. For example by finding recycling points …

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