Covid 19: Google and Facebook employees need to be vaccinated to get to work

Govt-19: Google and Facebook employees need to be vaccinated to get to work

This Wednesday, Google and Facebook announced that after a wave of similar announcements from public organizations in the United States, all employees coming to their premises should be vaccinated. Managing Director Sundar Pichai said in a statement that “this responsibility will be implemented in the United States” in the coming weeks “before it is expanded to other parts of the world” in the coming months. “

80% of Google employees will have to work on campus

“Vaccination is one of the most important ways for us and our local communities to stay healthy,” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google. Google has postponed the official revenue date for its offices to Wednesday, October 18th. As of that date, approximately 80% of employees will have to work physically on the company premises three days a week. The team estimates that about 20% of employees will remain at home.

However, Google points out that it will soon provide details on exceptions to this obligation “for those who are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons or for specific people.” When asked by AFP about these possible exceptions, the Alphabet subsidiary did not immediately respond. According to the U.S. Federal Agency for Enforcement of Discrimination Against Workplace Discrimination (EEOC), employers must present evidence of the Govt vaccination to their employees, except for medical reasons or religious objections.

Towards compulsory vaccination in business?

Similarly, Facebook officials will “ask anyone who visits our campuses in the United States to be vaccinated,” Vice President Lori Collar said in a message to AFP. In June, the social network told its employees that those who wished to pursue a full-time telephone could request it if their operations allowed it. For others, it is planned to facilitate delivery, but it is better to work at least half the time on the company premises. Facebook plans to reopen its offices 50% of the way in September and move to full capacity in October.

Last month, major American bank Morgan Stanley and property manager Blackrock pointed out that only vaccinated employees could access their premises, which supports these companies returning to the office because the vaccine is needed. So far, some large groups have dared to set a duty, a few weeks before the start of September, which would mean a return to the office for many employees. In contrast, more local communities and cultural organizations require the vaccine, and many U.S. media outlets suggest that U.S. President Joe Biden may declare or submit to a protocol the obligation to vaccinate federal employees. Rigorous testing.

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