Banana Pub Crawl will finally return on Friday 28th July

Soirée Banana Pub Crawl

The evenings of the French London community, the bar and club tour of the British capital, “Banana Pub CrawlThis Friday is coming back on Friday 30th July! Ideal for meeting new people (not just among frogs).

These new faces may even extend the list of the French group in London, happy commitment to multiple weddings, lasting friendships, roommates … these indestructible connections were created, thanks to the vast community of foreigners who know how to bring this group together. Its more social networks than events like Banana Pub Crawl.

Created in 2015 by the managers of the Facebook page French in London, This event usually brings together 15,000 people a year, including one evening 100 (maximum), which often fills up. Approved and rated 5/5 on Facebook Google and Travel Consulting 11th in 1317 Section London nightlife On the latter site, the banana pub crawl is gaining great popularity.

Previously available throughout the week, the event will now take place every Monday, Friday and Saturday, and will offer different routes each day. The participation fee of £ 10 (£ 15 if paid cash on site) allows you to get the banana pub crawl bracelet you want.

Decorated with this bracelet, participants can enjoy the following benefits:

Bar Free admission to different bars / clubs + free shooter each time

Feat Preference ratios: £ 3.5 per beer and £ 3.5 per single blend of whiskey, vodka, gin or rum (double at double 5.5)

Monday’s tour (£ 10) will take visitors to three places familiar to London clubs: The Piccadilly Company, The Zoo And will end Heaven. Two different tours will be offered each evening on the weekends (Friday and Saturday):

Tour 1 (£ 10) takes its participants to four companies in central London: Piccadilly, The Soho Zebrano, The Ruby Blue And the zoo.

ூர் Tour 2 (£ 12) will take them through three companies: Piccadilly Company, Zoo, and End Ministry of Sound (Specializes in electro music). Please note: At this last nightclub, priority rates do not apply and admission is free only.

Links to upcoming events Friday And Saturday Already the Banana Pub Crawl is available on the Facebook page. Booking is done From their website. The index reopens 500 days after the iconic London Pub crawl last premiered. A true balm at the heart of the disciplines of this famous British parathan.

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