Apple gives leaks 14 days to condemn their evidence, otherwise they will be reported to the police

Apple gives leaks 14 days to condemn their evidence, otherwise they will be reported to the police

Apple is finally taking the lead in unraveling one of its employees’ “leaks” (at the beginning of the leaks). For years, the US company has faced resale or distribution of prototypes of some of its iPhones. Thus, reports suggest that the company at Apple has sent a formal notification letter to a Chinese citizen Geek’s Journal, This Wednesday.

The motherboard that received the copy of the mail released this information. In it, Apple summons a Chinese citizen to disclose its evidence within 14 days. This person is believed to be behind the social media advertising for stolen iPhones. Therefore, he knows that a person who steals prototypes from Apple premises will resell it to collectors or hackers.

Many resellers will have received mail

If the recipient of the letter does not comply with Apple’s request, the U.S. company threatens to report it to the police. These iPhone thefts could have started in 2018. At the time, many prototypes were illegally put up for sale on social networks. However, Apple has not commented and has not commented on the steps to be taken to end this traffic.

Finally, after many years of silence, it seems that the international company has decided to act. Apple’s goal is to put an end to these thefts, which represent real damage, while maintaining its brand image. In addition, many Internet retailers are said to have received the same letter, calling for their sources to be reprimanded within two weeks of receiving formal notice.

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