News | The Marseille treasure was found in London

News |  The Marseille treasure was found in London

English archaeologists have made a major discovery in west London: a cash treasure from Marseille. Widespread media coverage in mid-July – BBC News Front – Taken by our colleagues Figaro A few days ago.

Following the thunderstorm, three hundred gallons of so-called gossips (a mixture of copper, tin and lead) were discovered in a railway project.

Archaeologists have unearthed these fragments dating back to the Iron Age, more precisely from the travels of Julius Caesar in Britain from the 1st century BC (Roman invasion of the island dates from the 1st century AD.- C. Emperor Claudius). According to initial analysis, the rumor, which is 3 cm in diameter, may have sunk in Marseille about 2,175 years ago.

On one side, they show a stylized image of the head of the Greek god Apollo, while on the other sits a fully charged bull.“, We learn at the BBC. Emma Tedlow, in charge of the excavation, returns to this discovery Smithsonian Magazine : “The connection of the soil to the dark blue-green color indicates the oxidized metal, and we were able to see the metal disks when we looked closely.“.

Archaeologists are still struggling to gather enough evidence before reaching the final conclusions about the location of the treasure, which has been dubbed the “Hillington Horde”. “Rumors may have represented an offering to the gods or may have been a way of referring to a property tax. Treasures were also sometimes used as reserves in times of emergency.. “

For the English, this is the greatest treasure trove of rumors found in the region, and they hope to learn more about the ancient history of their country and their relations with Marseille. In the meantime, the pieces are being cleaned and placed in the Birmingham Museum.

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