“Did the government buy Pegasus? I need an answer, ”Rahul told a news conference of the opposition

''সরকার কি Pegasus কিনেছেন? জবাব চাই'' বিরোধীদের সাংবাদিক বৈঠকে প্রশ্ন রাহুলের

Own report: Opposition parties have been gathering in Delhi to raise anti-BJP sentiments. Lok Sabha Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Karge presided over the meeting. Rahul Gandhi was also present. After that meeting, it was decided that the leaders of the opposition, including Rahul Gandhi, would bring a joint adjournment resolution in Parliament.

At the end of the meeting, Rahul Gandhi told reporters, “We are not prepared to underestimate anything from inflation to the problems of the Pegasus or the peasantry.” We want to discuss all these issues in Parliament. The spirit of democracy suffers. “

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The opposition also held a press conference after the meeting. Rahul Gandhi’s joke, “People know the country’s democracy is under attack. Did the country’s government buy Pegasus? I have to answer. The government has said there will be no Pegasus issue in parliament. Opposition parties in parliament are being silenced.”

“I say this not only on behalf of the Congress but also on behalf of all the opposition parties,” he added. A tool called Pegasus has been used against the country. On this day, Rahul Gandhi demanded that the government discuss the Pegasus. Our phone rang. These weapons have been used against the country.

Has been used.

Coincidentally, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi sat in a meeting with like-minded opposition in Parliament at 10 am today. The meeting decided to unite to raise a voice against the federal government on a number of issues, including the Pegasus.

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