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In the Gulf of Geography south of Perth, Western Australia, a stunningly designed concrete structure is expected to be in place by 2022. The project is being spearheaded by Baca Architects, a British agency selected by the Subcon team that specializes in the installation of artificial reefs, to renovate the Australian Marine Laboratory. Inspired by the ocean universe for the architecture of this place, the project adopted by Subkan is a building that mimics a whale emerging from the sea. Located at the end of the Baselton Jetty, the laboratory will be built in a synthetic dyehouse 2 km from the sea.

In terms of structure, concrete is selected for reasons of resistance to life and marine variations. Also ensure the internal temperature of the building thanks to the heat mass of the space and the water heat transfer system. The roof will have a light frame designed by the boat builders. With the desire for a harmonious integration into its environment, the building has a microscopic facade that welcomes the growth of algae and crustaceans.

The lab will have an underwater path and an underwater restaurant with the aim of being the largest in the world. It should become a marine research center that brings together the scientific community and people of all ages, with the aim of educating and raising awareness about the effects of climate change in the oceans.

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Seen from the side Underwater Ocean Discovery Center.© Courtesy Pakka Architects
Front viewUnderwater Ocean Discovery Center.© Courtesy Pakka Architects
InteriorUnderwater Ocean Discovery Center.© Courtesy Pakka Architects
© Courtesy Pakka Architects
View from the beach Underwater Ocean Discovery Center. © Courtesy Pakka Architects
SketchUnderwater Ocean Discovery Center.© Courtesy Pakka Architects
Inspirational SketchUnderwater Ocean Discovery Center.© Courtesy Pakka Architects
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