At the age of 12, we were stunned by the cover of Uncertain Melody from the movie Ghost (video)

À 12 ans, sa reprise d’Unchained Melody du film Ghost nous a scotchés (Vidéo)

It is about a mythical song “It is the soundtrack of a cult movie”Ghost”!

Take me to the street, ” Unrelated melody “From Righteous brothers, We had to dare!

Liamani, 12 years old, did it in an amazing way! She impressed us so much!

Followed by 191,000 subscribers on YouTube. His channel has almost 11 million views!

“The other day, I was introduced to the film”Ghost“. I was moved by the song “Unrelated melody“From Righteous brothers”He wrote descriptively on his YouTube channel.

Add: “I could not take this song out of my head… It’s so beautiful… I had to sing a little for you”.

“I really learned it while making this video, so please get me involved”.

First from the resin Wisconsin, Liamani Secure Self-taught.

He began his public career at the age of 6, singing the American National Anthem in high school and in professional basketball and baseball games before large gatherings.

He sang the national anthem in many places includingIndy500, The first game of the 2018 National League Division Series Major League Baseball Between Milwaukee Brewers And this Rockies to Colorado To Miller Park.

But also the 2019 Women’s Championship NCAA

His voice is described as powerful and powerful in contrast to his small size.

In 2018, he was selected for the lead role Dorothy In The Wis In the summer arena Read – McRae College In North Carolina.

To fully discover the wonderful cover of “Unchained Melody”, This way it is!

Credit Screenshot: Liamani sings / YouTube

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