Vaccinated Americans need to keep the mask back indoors

Vaccinated Americans need to keep the mask back indoors

In the United States, the country’s health authorities (CDC) backed the May recommendation last week, saying vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask at home in most situations.

Vaccinated Americans must again wear masks in high-risk areas, The country’s health authorities (CDC) announced This Tuesday.

This change in guidance leads to a sharp increase in delta variation cases, especially in well-vaccinated areas.

“In areas where the spread (Covid 19) is high, the CDC recommends that full vaccinated people wear masks in public places indoors,” said Rochelle Valensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If the vaccine is effective against the delta variant, new data suggest that “in rare cases, those who are vaccinated (…) may become infected and spread the virus to others.”

“These new findings are worrying and unfortunately guarantee to update our recommendation.”

According to CDC statistics, the number of infections is increasing in most parts of South America, but is lower in the Northeast, which is the best vaccine.

To prevent the spread of delta variation, the CDC recommends that schools ask teachers, students or visitors to wear a mask whether they are vaccinated or not.

The Delta variant is a game converter

The CDC defended its May recommendation last week, saying vaccinated people do not need to wear masks in most situations, with some exceptions, including public transportation and hospitals.

The Delta variant, however, now has about 90% of new cases in the United States, making it a game changer. Nearly half (49%) of the U.S. population is vaccinated, but the differences between regions are large. The latest seven-day weighted daily average is over 56,000 cases, which is close to April.

“This does not mean that the quality or safety level of the vaccine has deteriorated,” said Eric Cio-Pena, a Northwell Health public health expert. “This is a solution to a problem because we have high-level people who are not vaccinated.”

Some experts have suggested setting up statistical markers to link masked duties to hospital admission rates, which is considered more reliable than the number of cases per population.

1000 times more virus load

According to a recent study published in the scientific journal Virological, The virus load in the first trials of patients affected by delta variation is 1,000 times higher than in patients with the first waves of the virus in 2020.

The delta variant not only reproduces faster within its host than previous strains, but also greatly increases the chance that infected people will spread the virus over the air.

Last month, in light of the spread of the Delta variant, some of the mask-wearing requirements were re-established 10 days after Israel lifted it. Some local communities in the United States, such as Los Angeles County, have done just that.

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