Tesla has been accused of hiring people to suppress social media reviews

Tesla has been accused of hiring people to suppress social media reviews

Telsa, led by billionaire Elon Musk, has been rocked by a controversy that has caused a stir across the Atlantic. According to former employees, Tesla is asking employees Browse social media looking for reviews or customer complaints In connection with the company but Elon Musk and Force them to delete their messages.

A former Tesla employee told the US website Insider, Specializes in the business world, with a staff of nine looking for specifically targeted complaints or criticisms Elon Musk, CEO on social media. In addition to solving the problem, the team tries to get customers Delete their messages “, They also announced that each employee handles “an average of twenty complaints a day.”

The former director of Tesla Energy, who worked at the company until last year, also confirmed the allegations: “Basically, They read all the messages by clicking on the keywords “Tesla Energy has to do with #Elon, Tesla, Energy and Elon,” he said. Inside, Telsa did not want to respond to these allegations.

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