Raptors make an announcement about Napto de Golo!

Nando de Colo contre Team USA NBA

While he is currently playing in the Olympics with France, Nando de Golo talks about him in the NBA. Return? We’re still a long way from that, but technically, there’s hope for his fans.

Always precious with the French team, Nando de Golo joins Rudy Cobert and the company for the Olympics. His contribution has been doing many good things against the United States, where he has planted some precious baskets, one with three points in the final. Everything is rolling for the French, even at his club.

Today at Fenerbahce, Nando has been enjoying himself there for two seasons. He had previously been at CSKA Moscow for 5 years, where he left Raptors. He was very sensible during the last time he worked in the NBA and did not expect the origins of Boss-de-Calais to return to the present.

However, his name is back in Toronto’s small documents this Monday evening. There is no question of considering signing, at least to date, but the Canadian right has decided to offer the French a qualifying privilege. He does it every year, with the “rights” of the head of the NBA. Distributing this OQ is one way of anticipating a potential movement.

In fact, it costs almost nothing for raptors to do it primarily as a precaution. By offering this privilege, the front office ensures that there is priority in the case. If de Golo decides to return to the NBA and sign somewhere, Kyle Lori’s side will have a chance to get him back if they ask for it.

Nando de Golo, who helped France beat the United States during the start of the Olympics this Sunday, continues to play for Fenerbahce in Turkey, while he is a banned free agent in the NBA.

There is no sign of Nando de Golo returning to the NBA, but we have to believe that the Raptors are following his file closely. Who knows, a good surprise will not be far off.

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