Pune wins Maths Olympiad

Pune wins Maths Olympiad

Pune: At the International Mathematical Olympiad 2021, Anish Kulkarni of Pune won silver and Ananya Ranade won bronze. This year, the Mathematical Olympiad was organized by Russia. The event almost took place in St. Petersburg. The Indian team consists of six students. This year, the Indian team has won five medals, including one gold, one silver and three bronze. (Pune Two Student Success Mathematical Olympiad)

Anish and Ananya are both 12th class students and have received guidance from Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan. Anish says, “I have a special interest in learning mathematics and I get a different satisfaction when I do math. I have been preparing for the International Mathematical Olympiad since I was eight.”

Ananya, who wants to solve mathematics outside of school textbooks, said, “When I was five, my teachers told my mother about my interest in mathematics. Since then, I have known about mathematics. My emphasis is on understanding difficult mathematics. And authors.

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Tips for both of you about math:

  • Mathematics is not only an arithmetic method, but also a thought

  • You need to understand it before solving the question

  • Learn the practical application of mathematics

  • Solve math outside of the textbook as well

  • Don’t worry unnecessarily about math

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“Mathematics should not be seen only as a question. So the science behind it should also be understood. Now that the Olympiad is over, I want to pursue a career in mathematics,” said silver medalist Anish Kulkarni.

Bronze medalist Ananya Ranade said, “Mathematics gives you a new perspective. Mathematics is my passion. I am admitted to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chennai, Indian Institute of Science (IISC) and Mathematical Institute. Trying to get. A career in it. “

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