Get to know the new services provided by the Ministry of Power on the electronic platform

خدمات جديدة تقدمها وزارة الكهرباء على المنصة الإلكترونية..تعرف عليها

The Egyptian Electric Holding Company has always sought to expand the provision of all facilities to the citizens and convert them electronically so that the subscriber can receive all his requests electronically without having to go to the electricity supply companies and prevent friction between the employee and the subscriber.

The Egyptian Electric Holding Company has succeeded in implementing new services on the integrated platform for electronic electrical services, following the success of the experience of switching from accounting to practical methods and thereby gaining requests to install code meters. The following services are provided by the Integrated Site for Electronic Services:

1- Submitting a request to install a legal electricity meter for the first time. “Enabled”

2- Submit request to install code meter, customer service and technical support “enabled”

3- Obtaining Certificate of Consumption Data “Enabled”

4- Recording the electricity meter reading.

5- Payment of electricity bills.

6- Obtaining the “Reconciliation” Contract Data Certificate.

7- Submit a request to install the power meter to replace the damaged “activated” location

8- Submitting request for installation of electricity meter to replace lost “activated”

9- Changing the name of the owner of the meter.

10- Submit the request to check the meter.

11- Submission of request for elevation of meter.

12- Submitting request to replace meter with large capacity.

13- Submit a request to plan a loan in monthly installments.

14- Submission of request to connect electricity with residential buildings.

15- Submitting a request to change the connection or temporary current connection.

16- Submission of request to connect electricity with investment facilities.

17- Submission of complaint. “Enabled”

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