An astronomical community in Jeddah reveals the fact that an asteroid could collide with Earth in the future

An astronomical community in Jeddah reveals the fact that an asteroid could collide with Earth in the future

Nowadays, there are dozens of scary headlines circulating on social media about rocks heading from space to our planet, but are they really likely to collide? Asteroid Big Earth in the future?

The Jetta Astronomical Society attempted to answer this question in a statement, pointing out that in the future the Earth could be subject to an asteroid collision, which, according to NASA, indicated that more than 100 meters of asteroids could cause local damage to the Earth. Approximately every 10,000 years, more than a kilometer of space rocks threaten the life of our planet only once every few million years..

The report stressed: “There is very little chance of an asteroid being hit in our lifetime, so it is always good to be prepared for any emergency.” .

The report points out that in order to classify an asteroid as a potential hazard it must meet two key criteria:First, it must be the minimum cross-sectional distance of its orbit with the Earth’s orbit 7,479,893.5 Kilometers or less, an asteroid with such an orbit is capable of approaching our planet dangerously, secondly, its absolute magnitude should be 22.0 or less, and the smallest asteroids of this brightness are estimated to be approximately 110 to 240 meters in case of significant local damage in the event of a collision Enough to cause.

The probability of Turin level is measured using two measurements: the Turin scale and the Palermo scale. The Turin scale is used to inform the public about the dangers of an asteroid collision in the future. At this simple scale, assigns a value from 0 to 10 based on the probability of an asteroid or comet collision and the kinetic energy of a potential collision. The Palermo scale is a similar but more complex scale mainly used by professional astronomers..

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