Amazon Alexa has a new voice and many new features

Amazon Alexa

It was during the Alexa Live 2021 event that Amazon quickly introduced new features to its voice assistant.

The giant Amazon, which decided to compete with Google Assistant and Apple Assistant Siri, a few days ago offered new features that enrich Alexa. Of the hundreds of thousands of devices currently branded by GAFAM, Voice Assistant makes it possible to control voice over products, especially the Echo or Fire TV range. In a few weeks, the tool will aim to impose itself further into our daily lives by adding many new functions to its list.

A male voice for Alexa

Although Alexa’s voice has always been feminine, things are about to change. Among the most important new features announced by Amazon, the voice assistant can now be designed with a male voice. Currently parked in the United States, The latter will now respond to Gigi’s name. Across the Atlantic, payment options will also give your voice assistant the voice of basketball player Shahul O’Neill, Samuel L. Jackson, Gordon Ramsay or R2D2.

New features

Among other new features announced, we also see the possibility of adding widgets to the screens of the range linked products. In France, the Alexa voice service is finally making its appearance, and allowing the voice assistant to integrate with other connected objects while users are content with Echo. The US service should be like this Be more active in their practices, By giving you a playlist as soon as you go running or by locking the house automatically and arming your ring door bell when you go to work. If you forget to program it when you exit the assistant will automatically trigger your attached vacuum cleaner.

Finally on the entertainment page, French users can now benefit Information channels on compatible devices. So it is enough to start a voice request to access the latest news from Europe 1, France Inter or France News. Games accessible from the voice assistant will now allow you to create multiplayer challenges.

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