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Why it is important for science - science and information technology - tsn.ua.

Microbes have been found even in the worst environmental conditions, but in some places the Shackleton glacier is absent.

Scientists have discovered a place where there is no living thing on earth. It’s about Shackleton’s glacier Antarctica.

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Microbes are found even in the worst environmental conditions. It was previously believed that there should be detected microorganisms in all environments on Earth.

Given the proliferation of microbes around the planet, it is difficult to pinpoint their location. However, the Shockleton Glacier in Antarctica creates one of the least hospitable environments on Earth with its unique combination of cold, dry and salty conditions.

The researchers studied more than 200 soil samples. Scientists have yet to detect microorganisms in glaciers, but about 20% of experiments have not detected microbial DNA.

We are not claiming to have discovered “inanimate” or “sterile” soil or to have set a lower temperature limit for life. However, our inability to detect microbial or microbial activity in some soils suggests that the limit of microbial activity on this surface is due to cold, dry and saline environmental conditions “, – the researchers said.

According to them, the conditions in the surface soil of the Shackleton Glacier are similar to the surface of Mars.

“Our findings suggest that the search for active life on the surface soil of Mars is unlikely to yield positive results, as the Martian soil is very old and has similar or severe conditions,” the scientists said.

Previously, scientists working at the “Academician Vernadsky” station in Antarctica observed Extraordinary event Above the surface of the Southern Ocean. Giant glaciers and ice islands seemed to be “hanging” in the air.

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