Trump cuts and speaks on LeBron … transgender!

LeBron James donald trump NBA

LeBron James’ great enemy before eternity, Donald Trump could not resist sending new wacky bikes to the king. In front of the winning crowd, the former President of the United States allowed himself to go into a less strange commotion …

Donald Trump, who was revived after his chaotic defeat last winter, returns to the forefront. Always stays away from social networks and multiplies business meetings and public speaking. This is the most recent, in a speech by the 45th White House tenant on the status of transgender people in the game.

With the opportunity for transgender athletes to compete in their new gender category, a change is really taking place in the world sport and in the NCAA. An evolution that made fun of Trump, slipping some jokes and turning his attention LeBron James Suddenly. Below is the sequence and its full translation here:

We all want to win. Look, if I were a coach I wouldn’t pick a lot of women because we are women பெண்ண I’ll take some who are obviously “women”… (audience laugh)

Someone said: If LeBron James ever decides to become a transgender, how will he be on the ground ?! (Booze off the floor) and by: LeBron James, you can pick it up. Have you seen basketball spectators elsewhere? They were terrible, but they increased as soon as his team was defeated! Then

If the room seems to be occupied by this rage towards Akron’s ancestry, then LeBron James’ sudden use in conversation is surprising. Trump certainly raises an interesting point, which is honesty when a woman enters a men’s game. But what is the king doing here? Mystery and Comparison

We imagine that there will be no response to this new blockade from the Lakers superstar who has been burying his beef for some time with the former president. Instead of fighting through intermediate networks, LeBron wants to focus on the essentials: revitalize his body and prepare as much as possible for his 19th season in the NBA, which should be resilient for him and his team.

We expect Donald Trump to be the most likely he is, and he has proven it again in this bizarre release on LeBron James. Did you say fixet?

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