The value of bitcoin increased for several hours

Last night was intense for many savers. Bitcoin continues to plummet in recent days, Received a great boost. It’s hard to know what this increase is related to, but many people are talking about the rumor about it Amazon. It will appear The online sales company is ready to accept payment in cryptocurrency And is about to launch its own currency. The US company has not been contacted about the matter, but the excitement caused by this information may have been enough to boost Bitcoin. Obviously, it’s hard to say for sure.

Bitcoin has been in good shape in recent hours
Bitcoin is in good shape in recent hours – Credit (s): Pixie

Obviously, this does not mean that Bitcoin will reach its value of $ 60,000 again. But this is not just a temporary upsurge, many believe that, like last year, the cryptocurrency queen will blow all records.. Keep in mind that many people are as optimistic as this analyst, who has a goal of $ 250,000 by the end of 2021/2022! As these lines are written, Bitcoin is worth $ 37,000, which is close to 000 40,000. Need to reach a gateway to the queen of cryptocurrencies: despite the sudden fall, the coin did not say its last word.

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