SteamTech has an “optional built-in FPS limiter” for better battery life

SteamTech has an "optional built-in FPS limiter" for better battery life

Valve and when IGN Revealed last Thursday The new portable steam deck will target the 30 Hz gameNot everyone was impressed by that low bar – but Wolvin Pierre-Loop Griffiths took to Twitter to clarify his original idea and reveal the new feature of the handheld console.

First, he says 30 FPS is above the minimum bar above all else:

Blackman 2 (Twitter)

“We hope the goal of 30 FPS is to be able to play on our labels; the games we have tested and shown have met, and have always surpassed this bar,” he writes.

In other words, when Griffiths In this video interview IGN You should not assume that all modern games run at 60 fps speed “we have not really found anything that can handle this device”. Expect less.

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