Minister: Intimidation of immigrants is the activity of interest groups against the Lithuanian government – in the world

Minister: Intimidation of immigrants is the activity of interest groups against the Lithuanian government - in the world

The intimidation of the Lithuanian people by illegal immigrants, among other things, has sparked protests against the shelter they expect in the small town of Divinity, probably the activity of interest groups against the Lithuanian government, Interior Minister Acne Pilot pointed out Monday.

“Various groups, including those with political interests and those who may be involved in some illegal activities, are actively involved in this situation. This is very significant,” the minister representing the Conservative Party told reporters in the “Fatherland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats”. .

The government is reportedly planning to set up a temporary refugee shelter at a former school dormitory called Divine Ring in southern Lithuania, which is surrounded on three sides by Belarusian territory, but city residents and their relatives have been protesting. Security.

On Friday An agreement could not be reached on Saturday, and residents have not yet been allowed to work on setting up a refugee center.

As the minister has now pointed out, the government does not want to abandon its plans for divinity.

“I want to make it clear – children are scheduled to be accommodated to vulnerable groups. The decision is due by September 1. However, people are being misled and intimidated because of certain interests and motives. Those who want to get something, because this solution has its own details, ”he added.

As Pilotite explained, if immigrants stay in the divine, the presence of the police there will increase, which may cause concern to people who engage in illegal activities.

“Threatening and inciting the people is an act against the state,” the minister said.

He pointed out that a decision has already been made for illegal immigrants to stay in the Radinikai area, which can accommodate up to 1,500 people, and that security is difficult to guarantee.

“The tents are already being brought in there, people are working, and I hope we can get people there very soon. It is clear that we can not keep more people in the Border Patrol units because this is the task of our Border Guards,” Pilotite added.

The influx of illegal immigrants on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border is said to have increased sharply recently. Since the beginning of this year, the number of detained illegal immigrants has reached 2,730 – 34 times more than last year.

In July alone, 2,070 illegal border smuggling cases were detected, in June – 473 cases, in May – 77, in April – 70, but in March – only eight. Most illegal immigrants want to enter Western European countries via Lithuania.

Lithuanian officials believe the Belarusian regime is deliberately facilitating the flow of migrants across the border.

A state of emergency has been declared in Lithuania due to the migration crisis.

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