Israeli pride at the 2021 International Mathematical Olympiad

21 ישראלית באולימפיאדה הבינלאומית 21 2021-7

National team of Israel

Photo: Center for Future Scientists

The International Mathematical Olympiad IMO was held for the 62nd time this year with the participation of 619 competitors from 107 countries.

The Olympics took place on two exam days. Each day the students had to solve a question for 4.5 hours, which made the test at the highest level possible with 3 questions in the fields of early mathematics: algebra, coordination, geometry and number theory.

The Israeli student body, which participated in the Mathematical Olympiad, was led by Professor Abraham Eisenboot, Director of Education at the Wiseman Institute of Science, Lev Radzilyovsky, Head Coach, Don Carmen, Head of Mission, and Daniel Kenner, Sasha Tolsnikov and Guy Capone.

Education Minister Dr. Yifat Shasha Bitten said: “Israeli students have signed an unprecedented achievement in the International Olympics and are building a horizon for the state of Israel, which has a fortress of development. Its science and technology. Therefore, we will try to spark in our students the love of science, the intriguing and life-changing learning process. .We will work to develop academic skills that will then help to address global and complex issues.

I personally congratulate each of the winning students and express my pride in their accomplishments. “I congratulate the coaches who worked with them day and night to achieve this unprecedented feat.” Said the Minister.

Eli Fried, director general of the Center for Scientists of the Future, said: “Israel’s scientific teams are proving themselves to be the best team in the world, and to achieve impressive and glorious results. The achievements at the Olympics are a testament to the immense talent, blessing, investment, perseverance and effort that goes with the students.

“We appreciate these students and are determined that they will play a significant role in shaping the future of the State of Israel and will continue to express their identity in various areas of life. We will continue to work with the Ministry of Education and educational institutions to lead the most advanced training and provide the highest quality tools to Israeli students,” he said. Fried.

Weissmann President Prof. Alon Chen greeted the delegation: “The Weissmann Science Institute places great emphasis on the advancement of science education and work to improve science and mathematics education in general,” Weissman Institute from Mathematics, and to support the training of the Israeli delegation to the International Mathematical Olympiad team at this year’s competition. The record was unprecedented, after a daunting challenge.

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