De Crossy will always remember his London mistake

Lucas de Grossi On a surprising Sunday, the lightning pit found under the safety car took the lead in London’s second race, allowing drivers to take seven more seats than those staying on the 50km / h limit. At the time. This maneuver, despite the controversy it created, was endorsed by FIA rules of the game, in which Article 38.11 states: “Pitlane’s entrance and exit are open, and cars are free to enter the pit until they are parked in front of their garage.”

However, the maneuver was given a boost to the maneuver when the racing management discovered that he had not completely discontinued his Audi e-tron FE07. Although its wheels have not turned, the car is not yet fully charged. Undeterred by his penalty, De Cross was given a black flag on the last lap for not noticing this drive-through, which was initially disqualified when he was relegated to eighth. His team was fined 50,000 and partially suspended.

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At the end of this controversial day, Lucas de Grossi explained He will regret this for a long time. “At first, I was not fined until the end of the race. I was happy for ten seconds and then sad again. It’s sad that we did not win this race. Because there is little detail. I do. Keep that in mind for the rest of my life.” He explained.

De Crossy compared his maneuver to Michael Schumacher’s victory at the 1998 British Grand Prix in Formula 1, in which the German delivered a drive-through on the last lap, while the Ferrari pit was placed beyond the finish line. The Brazilian driver drew parallel to the offside rule in football.

“I may have lost, it involves a risk”, He adopted this strategy. “We are allowed to do that, it was a very bold move, it worked. [C’est] Just like football: one is offside and we play with the rules to keep others offside. Here we have a very complex control. Everyone is trying to find edges or holes to try to get the benefits. We did everything according to the rules [dimanche]. I am so proud that the team had the courage, or that we could win the race if we did so. It involves risks, but they are worth taking. “

“In front of the stand, it’s my fault not to stop because it slips a lot”, De Crossy insisted. “I was slipping, the tires were stuck, and for me, the car was stopped because I was blocking the tires. I slipped was really fine. It’s part of the game to look at the rules. Get an advantage, so run. The game is evolving, but we have to constantly push the limits. , We will continue to do so within legal limits. “

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