By the way, why are the new Shepherd and New Glen rockets called?

By the way, why are the new Shepherd and New Glen rockets called?

Blue Origin has named its two rockets New Shepherd and New Glenn: this is by no means a chance. This is a tribute to the success of American space.

There is often a story behind the names of the spacecraft: this is the truth of Soyuz, which means ‘union’ in Russian – no wonder when you consider that this project is rooted in the history of the Soviet Union. This is also the case with the Ariane rocket, inspired by Greek mythology. This also applies to the SpaceX Dragon, which can be used to carry food or crew.

Blue Origin, an American company founded in 2000 under the leadership of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is no exception to this unofficial rule. With its first rocket, the name given to the New Shepherd is unlikely. New Glen, and its first maiden flight, the Tito for the future launcher, which is due by the end of next year.

Alan Sheppard, during communications with Apollo 13 in April 1970. // Source: NASA

Both missiles are named after Alan Shepherd and John Glenn, the forerunners of the American space adventure. The book tells the story of two men who took part in NASA’s Mercury program to deliver the United States to its first astronauts. The cloth of the knights, Which is suitable for movie and TV series.

Alan Shepherd and John Glenn were members of the Mercury Seven crew, which was awarded to the first seven American astronauts. Everyone was able to go into space, but both tell the story of the conquest of space, by Alan Shepherd, the first American to go into space, during a suburban flight, and the first American, John Glenn, to make an orbital flight.

The difference between the two is due to the fact of the path of the launched object: in the first case, the velocity is not high enough to stay in orbit (in this case, Earth). Second, the speed at which it can spin around the blue planet without falling behind is high. On the Blue Origin badge, the surface speed is 3 km / h and the orbital speed is 9.5 km / h.

John Glenn
John Glenn in his jumpsuit, 1962. // Source: NASA

Interestingly, every rocket in the Blue Origin has the potential to match the achievements of Alan Shepard and John Glenn.

Clearly, the current rocket of the Blue Origin, the New Shepherd, is a sub-rocket. Before coming back, it becomes clear that she is making a parable above the earth. It is used for space tourism purposes. In contrast, the company’s future missile, New Glen, will be able to reach orbital speeds not only for itself, but also for its future payloads, such as satellites.

The new Shepherd does not already operate fifteen suburban training aircraft. It was used for the company’s first man mission on July 20, 2021, which consisted of four: Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark, Oliver Timon and Wally Funk, formerly of American aviation, Mercury Seven, but only with women.

Alan Shepard made his first submarine spaceflight in 1961, three weeks after Yuri Gagarin (reached Soviet orbit speed). Later, Alan Sheppard became the fifth man to walk on the moon when the third moon landed (Apollo 14). John Glenn never came to the moon, but he held the record for being the oldest person to fly in space at 77 years old.

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