Advanced YouTube Channel Upgrades Legacy Game Videos Using Topaz Video Upgrade AI Applications

YouTube-канал Upscale улучшает старые игровые ролики, используя ИИ приложения Topaz Video Enhance AI

Advanced YouTube Channel Upgrades Legacy Game Videos Using Topaz Video Upgrade AI Applications

Twenty years ago, when photosynthesis games were only a distant dream, some companies tried to add reality to games through introductions and cut scenes. Videos like this last several minutes, which immerses you deeply into the game.

While such videos were delightful at the time, they are now rarely seen on screens with full HD or 4K resolution. The high-end YouTube channel took the initiative to fix this problem. Its teachers use machine learning methods to increase the clarity of older teachers so that they look even more beautiful as they once did on older CRT monitors.

All of these improvements are made possible by the topaz video upgrade AI software, also known as topaz gigapixel. The software can be purchased for 9,299. Depending on the performance of the computer’s GPU, the length of the video and the target resolution may take several hours to upgrade a single video. However, it is important to know that computer-generated images are not “real”. They may contain details not found in the original video. The final result may also vary depending on the resolution.

You can see the workings of AI in the topaz video YouTube channel upscale.

Source: On the edge

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