Aaron Rodgers wants to play as Greenback in 2021

Aaron Rodgers wants to play as Greenback in 2021

Suspense results coming soon in Wisconsin?

With summer camps about to begin, Aaron Rodgers’ withdrawal may soon be over. According to NFL Media, Green Bay Quarterback has told people he “wants to play for the Bakers this year.”

The news comes in the middle of the club owners’ annual general meeting. Despite internal tensions, shareholders have welcomed General Manager Brian Goodegunst and Chairman Mark Murphy, saying the option for Rodgers to return can only satisfy the Unitolders. During the event the two leaders reiterated that they were working hard to resolve the issues in their quarterbacks and that they were optimistic about a positive outcome.

According to Pro Football talk, Rodgers could delay his leaders by a few more days to leave the owners and embarrassment over his absence. Before a split in 2022, there will be a looming scene as the last attempt to win the title in 2021.

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