The iMac Pro will come with the M2X chip in 2022

Apple is expected to launch a new high-end iMac Pro series next year, which will be fitted with the new high-powered chip designed by the US company.

The new iMac Pro is expected to replace the current 27-inch iMac Pro next year, which is currently fitted with the Intel chip. The arrival of the home-made chip made by Apple will finally give the biggest power boost to the high-end all-in-one computer.

Figure 1: Apple: The iMac Pro 2022 will come with the M2X chip
IMac Pro M2X – Credit: First Page Technology

Apple last April unveiled a colorful 24-inch iMac that includes an M1 processor, webcam and an upgraded audio system. In order not to disrupt MacBook Pro sales, the Pro variant is likely to come next year. In fact, according to கdylandkt leaked on Twitter, IMac Pro will not be released in Q4 this year With the new Mini-LED 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The latter is fitted with the new M1X chip, which must be used 10 cores instead of 8 cores in the M1. We also know that Apple plans to release a new generation MacBook Air with the M2 chip by the end of this year. However, nothing is known about this processor.

What do we know about the iMac Pro 2022?

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Kurman, the new iMac Pro 2022 will be equipped with an M2X chip, which is Apple’s most powerful processor to date. According to him, The M2X model uses 16 or 32 performance cores and 4 or 8 performance cores. As GPU, which is available with 64 or 128 cores. So Apple will make a real power monster because as a reminder, the current M1 chip only has 4 high performance cores and 4 high performance cores, and a GPU with only 8 cores.

Finally, we know that the iMac Pro 2022 may have a screen larger than 27 inches May reach 32 inches. To this end, Apple needs to reconsider its current aging design, removing the large lower limit. So this is to be expectedThe 2022 iMac Pro looks more like the Apple Pro Display XTR than the colorful 24-inch iMac. It is also believed that the US agent will fix the production defects of the iMac M1 because some screens are mounted unheard of.

Source: @dylandkt

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