Severe weather in Europe - floods in Belgium - everything is clear in Germany - news

Severe weather in Europe – floods in Belgium – everything is clear in Germany – news

  • In the Belgian province of Wallonia, cars were washed away during storms. A large number of people were evicted.
  • In the German floodplains of the Rhineland-Palatinate and northern Rhine-Westphalia, contrary to previous fears, it was night without heavy rain.

In the Belgian city of Tinan, vehicles carrying water blocked a level crossing, according to the Belga news agency, citing the railway company Infrapal. Rail traffic was already suspended due to flooding in mid-July. In the town of Namur in the province of the same name, houses have been evacuated due to the weather. The city is located 100 km west of Aachen.

“This is a disaster,” Belka quoted firefighters as saying. There are a lot of calls, you don’t know where your head is, it was said. In the pictures in the report of the public broadcaster RTPP, you can see how the streets are surrounded by raging rivers and garbage.


Belgium paints a picture of the catastrophe of Wallonia. According to the Belgian media, cars and foundations were hit hard.


Apart from Namur and Dinand, other towns and villages have also been affected, Belka said. Among other things, landslides occurred in the Walloon area south of Brussels. In the northern province of Antwerp, there were weather-related operations by firefighters. Lightning struck a house pouring water on houses. Nothing was known until the night about the dead or wounded.

A good week ago storms hit Belgium, killing at least 36 people and leaving many still missing.

Germany: It was quiet in the flooded area

In flood prone areas in the Rhineland-Palatinate and northern Rhine-Westphalia, Sunday night – contrary to previous fears – was almost dry. A spokesman for the German Meteorological Service said Sunday morning that it had not rained overnight in the region after a little rain on Saturday afternoon. In northern Eiffel, for example, it rained an average of five to ten liters per square meter on Saturday. The spokesperson also stressed that in the current scenario, even small scale rainfall would become an issue as the drains are blocked and the sewerage systems are damaged.

In the Rhineland-Palatinate, people were given emergency shelter on Saturday for fear of new storms. Those who wish can be picked up by a shuttle bus from dangerous areas to a shelter in Limestarp. But the weather there was “much calmer than the models suggested,” a DWT spokesman said.

A week ago, there was a massive flood in Germany with dozens of deaths.

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