NFL: Dezan Watson will be in camp for Texans, but …

NFL: Dezan Watson will be in camp for Texans, but ...

Quarterback Deshan Watson is said to be planning to show training camp for the Houston Texans, but he still wants to trade on another NFL list.

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This is what the NFL Network said on Sunday morning.

The 25-year-old athlete would have made this decision to avoid financial penalties related to not leaving the camps. In fact, the Goodell Round would have fined the failed camp $ 50,000 a day.

Last January, Watson reportedly asked Texans to send him to other skies because he had not been consulted about hiring new general manager Nick Casserio.

Since then, the center has faced serious problems away from the football fields. He faces 22 charges of sexual abuse and inappropriate behavior. The NFL is also investigating these cases.

Watson had his best statistics season last year, but the Texans ended this year with a disappointing 4-12 record.

Miller is coming

While waiting to see how Watson Saga ends, the Texans continue to try to move forward. On Saturday night, they bought wide receiver Anthony Miller from the Chicago Bears.

According to the NFL Network, late draft exams will be involved in the transaction.

On his Twitter account, Miller first thanked the city of Chicago and then wrote, “Let’s go to Houston.”

In 2021, the 26-year-old will play in the fourth and final year of his rookie contract. He impressed many, including seven Touch Downs in his first season on the Goodell tour.

However, Miller did not reach the pay zone more than twice in the next two seasons. In total, in the NFL, he caught 134 passes for 1,564 yards in 47 games.

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