NASA chooses SpaceX for Jupiter’s journey to the moon

NASA chooses SpaceX for Jupiter's journey to the moon

The American space agency is working with Elon Muskin for the mission to the moon Europa near Jupiter. This decision was the biggest success for the millionaire’s company. SpaceX wants to be more involved in the solar system.

The Europa Clipper mission is scheduled for October 2024 with a Falcon heavy rocket from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA’s contract with SpaceX is $ 8,178 million (1,151.2 million). Initially, he will select work for his own rocket, space launch system (SLS). The development of that device was delayed and the cost exceeded.

Is life possible?

NASA wants to arrange for the purpose of detecting the presence of salt water on the surface of ice. It makes the life of the moon possible. The spacecraft will be equipped with cameras and spectrometers to capture high-resolution images. NASA wants to use radar to determine if there is liquid water under the ice.

Jupiter’s Moon is 630 million kilometers from Earth. The trip is expected to take more than five years. Europa will orbit 40 to 50 revolutions around the moon

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