Jordan’s personal coach destroys the arrogance of two NFL superstars

Aaron Rodgers et Davante Adams se sont comparés à Michael Jordan

NFL players never have self-confidence, you know you have to stand alone on a team of 53 players to be a star. But sometimes, they have a little too much… So Tim Grover, Michael Jordan’s former personal trainer, came to re-establish some facts.

If you are not a fan of American football, we will try to make this article as popular as possible using NBA analogies. Simply put, Aaron Rodgers and Downton Adams are the best doubles in the NFL and equals LeBron James And Anthony Davis. In both cases the first is the potential GOAT, and the second, the younger, happily dominates his position.

The only difference is that neither of the Packers ’players have a joint win like the Lakers. Rodgers holds only one Super Bowl under the belt of Adams 0, and both teams seem to be losing patience at Green Bay. So in their Instagram story, they compared themselves to another couple with a difficult ending: Michael Jordan And Scotty Pippon!

According to Aaron Rodgers and Downte Adams, they enjoyed their “last dance” with the Bakers… They implicitly accuse their leaders of destroying a potential dynasty with their preferences, as they did with Jerry Cross Bulls in 1998. One comparison is not at the behest of Michael Jordan’s former personal coach Tim Grover. He spoke on Instagram.

This photo appeared on Aaron Rodgers and Twente Adams Instagram stories. Both MJ and Scotty won 6 titles. Rodgers and Adams 0. Victory never lies.

The equation is simple for Tim Grover: the Packers duo are unworthy to compare themselves to MJ and Scotty Pippon. As for the charts, we have to recognize that they are more intimate with Carl Malone and John Stockton than anything else …

When comparing Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippon deserve it, not everyone can afford it! Tim Grover made this clear on social media.

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