In London, thousands of protesters against control and vaccine passports

Au Royaume-Uni, le déconfinement a déjà commencé.

Can you read the slogans “You are being restrained”, “No mask, no wax, no imprisonment”, or “Let’s get our freedom back!”

Thousands of people protested in the center of London this Saturday, which is being phased out, and against the installation of vaccine passports to fight the Covid 19 epidemic.

By the end of the afternoon, hundreds of participants had gathered in central London, an AFP journalist noted. Earlier today, videos posted on social media showed thousands of people marching through the streets of the capital. Banners and panels will be installed, including “You are being checked»,No mask, no wax, no restraint“, Or”Take back our freedom!“, Demonstrators”Unite for freedom(United for Freedom) Departed from Hyde Park at 1:00 pm local time.

Despite restrictions on mass gatherings, various organizations have called for demonstrations in small groups.

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«Do not wax the passport»

«Today we are marching for our medical freedomRead on to the Facebook page “Defend our Rights as One of the Organizers”?Mobilize against any plan to issue a passport or certificate of Govt status because they are against medical ethics and our human rights. «Contrary to what they say I am going to survive this epidemic2, we can read the sign that a young woman is proudly displayed. Others took white umbrellas and drew on them. “Do not wax the passport(Not available for vaccine passports).

With significant improvements in health conditions in the United Kingdom, Covid-19 is the most affected country in Europe, with more than 127,000 deaths, and progressive vaccination. After more than three months in jail, the terraces of pubs and restaurants and hairdressers and gyms in the UK reopened their doors almost two weeks ago, bringing cities back to their livelihoods.

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