Gravitas Defect: SpaceX’s incredible launcher Salvage Park

Gravitas Defect: SpaceX's incredible launcher Salvage Park

Elon Musk, through his company SpaceX, wants to revolutionize space research. Faced with this great challenge, the company continues to acquire revolutionary equipment that is convenient to operate reusable rockets. Speaking of which, SpaceX recently Provided a new marine rescue box : Deficiency of Gravitas. It is, therefore, the third piece of equipment of this type for an American company specializing in the field of aerospace and aerospace. Like its predecessors, ASOG has the distinction of being autonomous.

Featured on Twitter

Suffice it to say that the new platform does not require a tow or pilot to reach the Falcon Launcher landing area. As we learn from the site, A maritime drone primarily operating in Florida, near the conventional launch site of SpaceX at the Kennedy Space Center.

It will be sent to the location ” Of course I still love you (OCISLY), the second beach on SpaceX. Both sites can be used simultaneously. Interestingly, it was Elon Musk who officially officialized Gravidas’ deficiency. To this end, the billionaire, of South African descent, posted a short video on Twitter on July 9 with the caption “An Autonomous SpaceX Drone, A Shortfall of Gravitas”.

A name from popular culture

Like its predecessors, ASOG received an appeal used in the cultural series, with its name meaning “non-seriousness”. It actually refers to the works of Scottish writer Ian Banks, Experiencing a significant lack of gravity An imaginary ship featured in his novels.

Gravitas Defect: SpaceX's incredible launcher Salvage Park
Park of SpaceX. Photo credit: SpaceX

Remember in addition Of course I still love you, Includes another park called SpaceX’s Active Fleet Read the instructions (JRTI). In particular about the lack of Gravitas, it will be primarily used to launch the Starling satellites needed to use the much-anticipated global satellite Internet coverage by Muskin.

To support future missions to Mars?

The new rescue box will also be involved in missions to the International Space Station. In addition, it is possible that future SpaceX will take action to support Mars, which should be launched in a few years. The use of ASOG in Florida is not trivial.

With OCSILY, it will enable Starling to accelerate the launch of its satellites. Both of these overseas sites will be used to retrieve Falcon Heavy9 launchers. Keep in mind that Muskin is currently aiming to increase the number of its recovery boxes to expedite its starship life cruise program.

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