Flood disaster: EU provides aid to Germany

Flood disaster: EU provides aid to Germany
Abroad Flood disaster

The European Union provides assistance to Germany

Race against time – new heavy rain

People in flood-hit areas are worried as new heavy rains are expected on Saturday. Locals and volunteers are trying to destroy as much as possible. The federal government wants to introduce a warning system so that people can at least be better prepared in the future.

Unlike Belgium, Germany has so far not sought any support from Brussels in dealing with the flood disaster. But the EU commissioner in charge says there is a chance. The union can help not only financially, but also prevent.

D.The European Union (EU) has offered to provide financial assistance to Germany in the aftermath of the catastrophic floods. “The EU has a number of tools to support member states, aiming at the post-disaster reconstruction phase,” said Welt A.M., EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Security. In particular, he named the EU Solidarity Fund.

“At the request of a member state and after evaluation by the EU Commission, the EU Solidarity Fund can reimburse a portion of the costs incurred by officials in the event of emergency operations and reconstruction,” Lenarch said. According to the EU Commissioner, this includes the reconstruction of important infrastructure, the costs of clean-up work, but also the protection of important cultural assets. The Slovenian politician said, “This is definitely open to testing for Germany.

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Crime / Eiffel after the flood

Lenarchic also commented on improving civil defense with the help of the European Union. The Commission provides a wealth of information and support for member states. For example, it includes “an overview of natural and man-made disasters in the EU.” Lenarchic continues: “Flood disasters are the main focus. I recommend paying attention to everyone involved, including the responsible authorities, because the outlook provides a strategic guide for national governments to make the best informed decisions in their country. “

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Armin Schuster has been head of the Central Office for Population and Disaster Protection (PPK) since the end of 2020.  He was previously a member of the CDU Bundestack

The new “civil defense mechanism” and flood order are important for prevention. “The Flood Order compels member states to identify flood-prone areas, prepare for flood risk, and create risk maps for certain flood situations and other extreme situations.”

Unlike Belgium, Germany did not seek any assistance from the European Union as part of the “civil defense mechanism” during the current flood disaster, Lenarchic said. In Belgium, on the other hand, “there were more than 150 rescue workers from France, Italy and Austria”. Lenarchic: “Helicopters, lifeboats and vehicles came from other EU countries to provide support. However, Germany does not need it. Instead, Germany, according to its capabilities, provided assistance to Belgium. “

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