Three Czech spa cities are on the UNESCO list, along with foreigners

Three Czech spa cities are on the UNESCO list, along with foreigners

In addition to the West Bohemian Spa Triangle, eight other spa cities are engraved on the UNESCO World Heritage List – Baden-Baden, Badm பேs and Bad Kissingen in Germany, Spa in Belgium, Vichy in France, Montecadini Term in Italy, Vienna and Austria in the United Kingdom near Baden. All 11 spa cities represent one item on the World Heritage List. The number of monuments owned by the Czech Republic has risen to 15 on this list.

Marianske Losney

Photo: František Kšajt, Právo

Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic jointly prepared an application to add Europe’s famous spa cities to UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, which funded the project. ICOMOS for International Monuments and Sites for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Around the World In his opinion, Icomos specifically exemplifies two criteria – the exceptional structure and practices of spa cities and the phenomenon of spa reliance, including paleontological practices.

Frandikovi Lasne in North Bohemia. Image Colonate.

Photo: John Hendrej, Law

“This project is a great example of international cooperation between ministries, institutions and experts in seven European countries. I greatly appreciate the support of the mayors and mayors of the cities in question, who tirelessly supported the project and funded its long-term preparation. The Czech Republic became the co-ordinator of the entire project and the President of the participating European countries. I am proud that Chera has led it successfully to join, “said Lubomer Sauralek, Minister of Culture.

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