Security in Jalisco: State police in Donala shot dead and detained

Security in Jalisco: State police in Donala shot dead and detained

State police detain three people accused of shooting this afternoon Donale.

While they were driving on Malegaon Avenue, they spotted a black Volkswagen Jetta speeding at full speed and tried to escape when they noticed police presence, the State Department said.

It was at the intersection of 16d Septiampre and Rio Nilo, where the group fled after firing on a police unit.As a result, the agents stopped the attack and began to pursue the vehicle.

During its passage, Jetta’s crew At the crossroads of Rio Nilo and Manzano, against the Seat Ibiza, they collided with a motorcycle and a Hyundai model car. One of the pregnant women was traveling and was declared stable by Red Cross paramedics. In the other two cases, no injuries were reported.

It was at this point that government elements were able to arrest three of the named men who were confirmed by the revolver type rifle. A fourth person escaped, according to eyewitnesses to the company.

The Has been detainedPrevention Commissioner Gerardo Insia said they were 19, 25 and 32 years old. No police officers or civilians were injured in the shooting.

The facts were reported to the Ministry of Public Prosecutions’ Office to begin an investigation into what happened and determine the legal status of the detained men.

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