Nelson Cruise has already realized his presence in Tampa Bay

Nelson Cruise has already realized his presence in Tampa Bay

In his first match against the Tampa Bay Rays, the appointed hitter Nelson Cruz won 10-5 against the Indians in Cleveland.

So, the 41-year-old Dominican did not waste time making new friends at Tampa Bay.

Cruz scored his first win with his new team in the third set against Indian starter Zack Blazek.

He had one win in four batting appearances in his work night, while taking one run in addition to two runs.

The shot he dropped on the opposing field reminds everyone that Cruz still has more power and that even if he becomes a dimensional player he can help the rays for the length of the season.

This transaction with the duo surprised many viewers because incorporating itself with this type of player is not in the habits of the Rays system, which does not give manager Kevin Cash a lot of strategy.

However, if the Race wants to make the playoffs again in 2021, they must respond to the big guns of the Red Sox, Blue Jays and Yankees.

Among the winners, starter Josh Fleming made a tough journey after four innings of work. The win went to Matt Whistler, who played the seventh and eighth innings.

Cruz’s four-goal kick allowed a home run from legendary Andre Dawson, ranked 45th in Majors history. Cruz currently holds 437 professional long balls. He should logically overtake former expos in the coming weeks.

Yesterday, Cruise finished third in the race offensive role between G-Man Choi and Austin Meadows.

The Rays have recorded their 59th win of the season, second only to the Red Sox in the East America, beating the Yankees 6-2.

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