Microsoft Edge warns you if your passwords are slow

Microsoft Edge warns you if your passwords are slow

In its latest version, Microsoft Edge has a dashboard that evaluates the strength of your passwords.

If you use the wrong passwords, Microsoft will no longer be ashamed to tell you. Alternatively, it will tell you if you are using passwords that meet current computer security requirements. In fact, its web browser update, the Edge 92, Dashboard included Evaluating the quality of your passwords.

Analysis of the quality of passwords

It is in the form of a path with three notes, which represents three situations: When the path is full, it indicates that Microsoft is not aware of a specific problem. It is not brittle and has not been reused. Microsoft warns below that the password is too weak or used on another site. Finally, the last step: the password is too weak And Reused elsewhere.

Different metrics and warnings provided by Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft’s rating is based on knowing the passwords for a particular Internet user. To get a more complete and comprehensive overview, the Microsoft Edge Password Manager must be fully filled in: if you use a password on two platforms it may not be detected automatically. Different, if only one of the two is recorded.

There is a fourth indicator, which is a bit special: it is triggered only when Microsoft is aware of the data breach. A red icon will be displayed if needed and the website user will be interested in changing the password to avoid unauthorized intrusion into the account. Microsoft can only generate this report if it is able to analyze passwords.

To determine if a password has been leaked, the US company actually compares the passwords stored in the web browser with those in the repository dedicated to link information (usernames, passwords) published on the Internet. If there is a competition, Microsoft issues a warning. The company recalls it Passwords are encrypted on the edge.

The browser can also notify you if it detects a data breach where your password is located.

All indications of the strength of passwords and the frequency of their use are small concessions to increase their security level by pointing out the most obvious weaknesses for Internet users. In addition, Microsoft Edge also offers a system that suggests strong passwords that can be used instead.

All of these tools already exist nowhere else in other software. For example, password tracking is a feature provided by Google Chrome (web browser) and Dashlane (password manager). Password Quality Analysis is a service found in these programs, with the intention of always recommending improvements to the Internet user.

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