Look for corpses in the slums of Miami, USA

Firefighters today officially completed the remains of the victims of a building collapse in Miami, South America, which occurred almost a month ago with 97 deaths.

The site of the tragedy on Surface, north of Miami Beach, Florida, is already practically empty, although it is still dangerous, experts have warned local newspapers.

Engineer Allin Gilsheimer warned that a nearby street, Collins Avenue, could collapse as the sidewalk walls of the collapsed building were located, and proposed to accelerate the remaining walls to reopen the road to vehicular traffic.

The 55-story seafront block, part of the Champlain Towers South campus located on the Surface a few miles from Miami City, collapsed in the early hours of June 24 in one of the worst urban disasters in U.S. history.

Judge Michael Hansman of the Miami-Date Circle ruled Wednesday that victims and relatives would receive at least $ 150 million in compensation for the collapse of a 12-story building.

That amount includes about $ 50 million from insurance for Sampline Towers South Condominium and $ 100 million from proceeds from the sale of the land where the construction took place.

Some studies in the 1990s warned of signs of the collapse of a property built in 1981, and another investigation in 2018 found damage to its structure. / Latin Press.

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