In Tokyo, will Americans finally dominate sports?

In Tokyo, will Americans finally dominate sports?

Athletes from college sports bring home an interesting collection of medals at each Olympics. But the network is said to be suffering from the financial consequences of the Covid 19 epidemic Los Angeles Times. For now, there are no plans.

Michael Johnson, says Los Angeles Times, Explains the American method for Olympic recruitment. In the mid-1980s, “The famous sprinter is still years away from winning gold at three consecutive Summer Olympics. ”, In 1992, 1996 and 2000. He then attended a small public special school in Dallas, where he trained to run as part of a team.

No one paid attention to me, Johnson recalled, Until [son entraîneur Joel Ezar] Start writing letters to all universities. ” Baylor University gave him the opportunity to develop his basic skills under the supervision of specialized coaches.

This story, Writes daily, Helping Americans to dominate every summer sport over the past twenty-five years shows how college sport has functioned as a broad champion distribution system.


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